Webfoot Census Maps Credits

I first started doing maps for a class project in Tamara Munzner's Information Visualization class.

I built upon many many years of work that other people did.

Mapki, the Google-Maps group, Mike Williams' tutorials, and of course the Google Maps API Documentation were all very helpful. Mike Williams has been extremely helpful.

A huge fraction of the data that I use comes from the US Federal Government, mostly from the US Census Bureau (with a little bit also coming from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and I suspect the US Geological Service was also involved at some point.) Thanks to all the federal workers who developed this, and also thank you to the taxpayers of the United States. It is fashionable in some circles to disparage government spending as wasteful, if not downright evil. However, that data could not have been collected without your tax dollars -- and I think that was money well spent. Thank you.

To make the cartograms, I used ScapeToad for the initial run, then used QGIS and to clean up the results.

Ducky Sherwood