Webfoot's Map Coloring FAQ

Webfoot's Map Coloring FAQ

What are you planning on doing in the future?

Things I plan to do are listed on the issue tracker.

Can I see/use the code?

Yes! It is open-source. See the project page.

Where did you get help and/or inspiration?

See the credits.

Why don't you have a legend on your maps?

I'm hugely ambivalent about legends. On the one hand, people clearly want them. On the other hand, I am uncomfortable with people trying to extract quantitative data from these maps. If you want to know what the actual numeric values are, you really should be looking at a table. This kind of thematic map is most useful for comparisons along the lines of "California's population is bigger than Vermont's" or "the median body mass index is higher in Texas than in Oregon".

Who else does stuff like this?

The Many Eyes project at IBM also is working to make it easier for people to visualize data. They require running a Java applet.