World Wide Webfoot Maps

This page links to several of the Google Maps mashup services that I have done. Most of my maps are choropleth maps -- coloured polygons -- and tend to focus on demographic data.

See my blog entries about maps and future plans.


I have done a lot with population-based cartograms -- maps distorted so that the area of a district is proportional to the population of the district.

Economic Stimulus

Maps and analyses of the Australian stimulus plan (in collaboration with Maciek Chudek) and Canadian economic stimulus plan both show a distinct bias in favor of areas represented by the party controlling the government.


These maps of the US 2000 census and Australian 2006 census (in collaboration with Maciek Chudek) allow you to examine many demographic attributes at a very fine geographic resolution.

Elections 2008 / Demographics

The Election 2008 / Demographics Map makes it easy to see how non-white, and/or young, and/or urban voters voted more for Obama and white, older, rural voters voted for McCain.

Mapeteria (rev 1)

The Mapeteria service lets you generate a choropleth map with your own data.

Ducky Sherwood, with help from many others